Patriots Required

Britain needs a new kind of patriot. I am not talking about jingoistic, tub-thumping, flag wavers but zealous seekers after God who want to understand and be involved in implementing His purpose for the United Kingdom.

True patriotism is seeking the will of God for your nation.

A new breed of radical patriots is arising in the land. These are men and women who will not bow to the idols of the “isms” but will boldly proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ over these islands.

This nation needs to see the Lordship of Christ manifest powerfully in our midst and for God’s Kingdom to be clearly seen.

“Rule Britannia” patriotism is all good and well but if it is all about nostalgia then it serves no real purpose. Holding our nation’s history and heritage in high esteem is important but even more important is the present and the future of Great Britain.

Britain is under attack from forces within and without and for the same purpose – to destroy this nation through division. The question you have to ask is “Why?”

The answer is very simple – because God has a mighty purpose for this nation. The United Kingdom is vital to this purpose.

The very best prayer of the true patriot is “Let the will of God be done in my nation.”

Let this powerful prayer be on your lips constantly.

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